LaShay Garland Ortiz

I started this business 4 yrs ago.  I wanted to have a flatter stomach to wear my bikini in Miami South Beach, so I hosted a wrap party to get a wrap for free.  Like most I was doubtful it would work but was amazed at my 24hr & 72hr results!!! I loved the products, I needed some extra money, the business was simple,  I didn't need experience or have to be a pushy sales person so I began my journey as an ItWorks Brand Ambassador!!!  I also want to share my journey of my profile picture...

In 2011 I was small but still had the “pregnant” stomach that I didn't want in other words I was “Skinny Fat”.  In 2013 I got my life together my stomach was flat & I was feeling confident & pretty again 💁🏽.  Then comes 2014 I got comfortable eating everything in site 😜 .  I started to feel a little self conscious about my body & getting upset with the way I looked in clothes & just overall coming from an athletic background this was not the norm for me & this was the biggest I ever weighed. I didn't like this feeling so I decided to make a permanent lifestyle change, I began consistently using my ItWorks products, changed my eating habits & incorporated a regular exercise routine..then in 2015 I began my journey as a figure competitor 🏋🏽 & now im addicted to the healthy lifestyle💪..yes I still enjoy a cheat snack or meal but I'll never go back to how I looked in 2014 👋



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